Help Turn TX a Bright Bernie Blue!

Transforming Texas takes effort. Despite having few financial resources relative to corporate-powered organizations, our people power is doing just that.

We have been working very hard in TX and have won several victories. Despite having few resources, little media, and next to no money.

Can you chip in to empower our fight to counter corporate interests at every level in Texas?

Our Revolution Texas is a statewide progressive populist organization dedicated to making the political revolution a long-haul reality in our state. ORTX is the first of several statewide affiliates of Our Revolution.

ORTX full-heartedly embraces the three intertwined goals of the Our Revolution movement: organizing and mobilizing around issues, electing candidates that support those issues, and building county and state Democratic parties that support those issues as well as fixing voting rights and eliminating party corporate influence.

Checkout our progressive wins to see how much progress we have made (thus far). Don't forget to check out how much we closed the gap in several of our races.

Chip in to empower our efforts

The money raised will go towards paying for:

  1. Candidate & Activist Training
  2. Voter Mobilization
  3. Voter Registration
  4. Pushing Legislation
  5. Full-Time and Part-Time Organizers
  6. Medicare for All Field Hearings
  7. Revolutionizing Texas